Autumn Wood In Court For Motion Hearing


Autumn Wood (center)

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Autumn Wood and her family sat in court as Circuit Judge Mike Jones read over the remaining motions filed for her trial.

A total of 27 motions were filed for Wood’s case, including using Facebook posts as evidence and grand jury testimony by Wood not be allowed during the trial.

The state filed a motion to keep the defense from using the medical report which examined Wood’s mental state at the time of the murder. The report states Wood did not suffer from a mental illness. Judge Jones said he wants to evaluate the motion before making a ruling.

District Attorney Chris Connolly said he is trying to get Brooklyn Hollis’ family ready for Monday.

“It’s an emotional nightmare for them. To relive this after all this time, we just have to get them to embrace themselves and be ready for it,” said Connolly.

Fifty-three witnesses have been subpoenaed for this trial. Attorneys expect the trial to last all week. According to attorneys, jury selection is expected to last all day Monday and opening statements will start Tuesday.

WHNT News 19 will bring you the latest on the Autumn Wood trial.  We will have the latest information from the courtroom starting next week.

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