Attorney General Luther Strange Speaks About Funds for Judicial System


State Attorney General speaking to the Shoals Chamber of Commerce.

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Autumn Wood has waited two years for her trial to start. According to her lawyers, it will finally begin later this month.

Wood’s situation is just one example of the backlog at the forensics department causing a delay in court trials. The lack of funding towards the justice system has made the state prioritize where it spends money.

“We cannot have victims waiting and trial lawyers waiting years to get forensic evidence. These are cases that can be solved. We can get justice sooner. It’s part of the process to get adequate funding for our district attorneys and our court system,” said Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange.

One of Strange’s goals is to make sure the state funds get equally distributed to the departments that need it most.

“The district attorneys, the court system, the victim assistance units, the attorney general’s office all work with each other. It’s a seamless group. Each one of those parts in the justice system need to be adequately funded,” said Strange.

On Tuesday, Governor Robert Bentley appointed $2 million to the court system. According to Chief Justice Roy Moore, the money helped avoid layoffs but the court system still needs another $6.5 million to operate efficiently. The judicial system hopes the money will come next year from the state legislature.

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