TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) — Residents from a government-assisted Colbert County apartment complex reached out to News 19 saying they felt neglected by management due to conditions they say are unfit for living.

Multiple residents at the Tuscumbia Heights Apartment Complex say they’ve dealt with a number of issues, but they say the build-up of mold they’ve seen has them worried.

Fearing they’d be targeted, the apartment residents did not identify themselves, however, all of them had one question for property management.

“Would you want to live this way? Would you want your children to have to live this way?” one resident asked.

Residents say their apartments have water leaks that have led to the build-up of mold, with some saying the exposure even prompted doctor visits.

“People are getting sick out here from it. They are starting to go to the hospital, people are catching pneumonia,” another resident told News 19.

From the lack of hot water to bugs and deteriorated bathrooms filled with mold, residents say that they no longer want to depend on neighbors for some of their needs.

“We don’t want to have to be like hey can I put something in your refrigerator because my refrigerator doesn’t work or can I come use your stove can I come take a bath at your house can I come get hot water,” one resident said.

According to those who live there, gas leaks along with the absence of carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms have them concerned about their families.

Although they’ve shared these concerns with property management, they’ve become hesitant in doing so fearing the changes they ask for may lead to consequences.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about getting put out of your apartment because your water your air doesn’t work and your scared to say something,” another resident said.

Antelope Exclusive Management presides over Tuscumbia Heights Apartments. However, when News 19 reached out for comment, they did not immediately respond to the concerns residents are having.