ANDERSON, AL. (WHNT) — 14-year-old Caden Jackson has been suffering from seizures since 2013.

His mother Megan Jackson told News 19, “When he was six months old and eighteen months old, he had fever seizures, and both times we were told it was kind of normal, not anything to be concerned about.”

“He did fine up until he was five,” she continued. “Right after he started kindergarten, he started with grand mal tonic chronic seizures.”

The family says the seizures have started to affect Caden’s body. Most recently, he had surgery on his legs. Caden’s father Dustin Jackson said the seizures have been getting worse lately, but a service dog would mean independence for Caden.

“It will give him more freedom to get away from us instead of us following him around the house outside everywhere he goes one of us is right behind him or on his heels, it will give him a little bit more freedom to do things on this own,” he explained.

The family had been looking for a dog for Caden for five years when they found loyal companion dog training in Tennessee. Caden and his service dog Shay have now met and the community, including the North Alabama Coon Hunters Association, started a fundraiser.

“I think that this country, in general, lacks community support and if we as a community can help another family in this community we are all for it a lot of people say why are you doing this but why not do it for us its second nature,” said Brad Durham, the president of the North Alabama Coon Hunters Association.

The family is looking to raise $25,000 to get Shay a fence to support him and dog insurance. A fundraiser event will be held Saturday at the North Alabama Coon Hunters Association facility in Anderson, located at 33656 AL HWY 99 Anderson, Ala. 35610.

The family set up a GoFundMe and you can also find them on Facebook.