All Florence residents to receive recycling carts in the weeks ahead

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – City leaders are taking recycling efforts to the next level, with the help of public and private funds.

As workers sift through mounds of materials brought into the Florence Recycling Center, on the opposite side of the building a big announcement was made Friday.

Through private funding by corporate sponsors and a grant of $300,000 the Alabama Department of Environmental Management gave to the city, all residents will soon have a blue recycling cart.

It’s an effort to provide recycling materials to the companies who sponsored an additional $300,000 grant to make it happen.

“Providing them with large rolling carts, they are more efficient, they hold three to five times more material depending on the size, and they allow communities to recycle much more,” explained Karen Bandhauer, Recycling Partnership spokesperson.

In Florence, only a select number of residents have recycling carts at their home. This combined grant will put 11,600 more carts on the curb for residential use. It will completely saturate the city with carts, and give recycling managers hard numbers as to how much participation they get.

“We’re doing a head count of how many people are recycling, and so as these carts with the RFID technology we will be able to just have general numbers to say we have moved from 20% participation to 70% participation,” said Rachel Mansell, Recycling Coordinator for the city of Florence.

And adding to the amount of recycled materials, the city can in turn sell back to the manufacturers who rely on them for their operation.

Florence recycling leaders said they will start delivering the new recycling carts to residents on April 20, and it should take about a month to get them all handed out.

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