Alabama National Guard disinfects Mitchell-Hollingsworth Nursing & Rehab in Florence

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FLORENCE Ala. — It’s been a little more than two months since Governor Kay Ivey authorized the activation of the Alabama National Guard.

In April the National Guard announced they would be traveling to nursing homes across the state to sanitize and disinfect them. Their most recent assignment was at the Mitchell-Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Florence.

Task Force 31 out of Huntsville went through the facility equipped with foggers and sprayers filled with a solution that’s said to kill nearly 100 percent of viruses and bacteria.

We’ve had a lot of nursing homes to reach out to us for these services just taking precaution for their members of their facilities,” said Sergeant Tristin Biggs.

The troops spent about two and a half hours doing a thorough sweep of the facility.

Mitchell-Hollingworth Administrator Brian Scheri said he could’ve never predicted the circumstances the world is facing right now.

“Nor did I think I was going to have to hold my breath to see if my daughter was going to graduate high school in 2020 so no, there was never a playbook for this,” said Scheri. “We just had to learn from the experts, follow their guidance, and work through this.”

But he is very appreciative of the assistance from the National Guard. “Under the circumstances I am proud of what they’ve offered our state with the help of the Alabama Nursing Home Association,” said Scheri. “I couldn’t be more proud and I know it’s becoming cliché , ‘we’re all in this together,’ but take a look behind me I think that pretty much says it.”

As of May 27, there has only been one positive case of COVID-19—an employee—at the Mitchell-Hollingsworth facility. No residents have tested positive.