Administrators tell Colbert County parents to go to law enforcement about cyber-bullying

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. – A school system in northwest Alabama is taking a stand against cyber-bullying. It’s going as far as telling parents to file complaints with law enforcement for inappropriate comments and posts on social media.

With classes at Colbert Heights High School just a few weeks into session, Principal Thomas Casteel decided it’s time to squash cyber-bullying.

Screen shot 2016-08-22 at 4.43.09 PMOver the weekend, a flurry of posts about students at his school prompted his own post on Facebook.

“I told parents, if you get wind of these or you see these, you’re probably going to want to press charges,” Casteel explained.

Casteel would not go into detail, but through his own investigation, he said there were numerous inappropriate posts about students.

He said the school system has “zero-tolerance” for this type of behavior and is taking measures to eliminate it.

The principal said his school, as well as other schools in the Colbert County system, are actively patrolling social media. They want to be more proactive in the fight against cyber-bullying.

“If the kids aren’t safe, then they are not going to learn,” Casteel stated. “So we thought, hey, we want to make sure we can ensure the safety of the children and that’s the reason why we said we are going to get out ahead of this before anything gets out of hand.”

Casteel said there are positive ways to use social media and points to the schools own Facebook page. But degrading and talking about others in a school environment is over, and abusers will face the consequences.

Casteel said no charges have been filed against students as of yet. Violators of cyber-bullying could face suspension or expulsion as well as criminal charges.