Active Shooter Survival Classes available at UNA

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – After a high school shooting in Washington state Friday and a recent death threat on campus, University of North Alabama officials want everyone to take a proactive approach to stay safe.

A gunman on campus isn’t something university police can predict, but it’s definitely something they can plan for. Now they want you to know you can take the extra steps to protect yourselves in that situation as well.

UNA Police offer workshops on how to react and think on your own if there is ever an active shooter on campus. They’re called ALICE classes and they are open to anyone.

“We give them to the community, we give them to the school districts throughout the state of Alabama, who ever is willing to participate,” said UNA Police Chief Bob Pastula.

As they continue to update the campus Active Shooter Policy, they incorporate the training into as much as they can to benefit the community.

“I send my officers to different training whether it be here in Alabama or outside the state,” said Pastula. “When they come back with new ideas or better ways of doing things we incorporate that into the policy and the training.”

Pastula said they offer Active Shooter Survival classes three times a day, once a month. Usually, they are on the third Monday of every month.

“We’re going to start offering them in November, probably skip December, then offer them again in January and February,” he said.

After the recent death threat on the UNA campus, officials hope everyone will make the extra effort to stay aware, and learn the best ways to stay safe. However, that doesn’t quite seem to be the case.

“The number of people taking classes, it’s been pretty steady. I would like to see an increase, I would like to see a dramatic increase.”

Pastula also said their Active Shooter Policy is something they look into annually. They recently updated their plan just this year.

If you’d like to register for an Alice class, click here.