Shoals Construction Booms, Some Question Sustainability

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A city in the Shoals seems to be booming with new business.  Florence is the site of several big construction projects.

In just a half mile radius along Cox Creek Parkway:  a new restaurant, grocery store and retail store are underway.

“When you are a retail center like this and you have an additional name brand store that comes in, it tends to increase traffic, increase activity and increases everyone else’s sales,” said Steve Holt with the Shoals Area Chamber of Commerce.

While the Chamber of Commerce says the growth is good for the area, some people question if Florence can sustain all this business.

“Pushing half a million people, 400,000 people can sustain a tremendous amount of retail activity, now if its duplicative of something else that`s already here you can always debate that,” said Holt.

The Chamber of Commerce calls the Shoals an “island community”. drawing people from nearly 100 miles away, which may be the added population needed to keep these stores in business.

According to Holt, the area along Cox Creek Parkway is a natural growth area because the infrastructure is already in place.