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MONROE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — A man captured in Mobile and accused of torturing his father now faces murder charges after his father died from injuries sustained during the torture.

According to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Zachary Hobbs is accused of torturing his father. The crime happened just off of the Alabama River on Eureka Landing Road in Uriah. A manhunt for Hobbs ended when he was picked up in Mobile by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Monday night.

Hobb’s father died early Tuesday morning. The sheriff’s office said he died as a result of his injuries sustained during torture.

Monroe County Sheriff Tom Boatwright said Hobbs went to his father’s house, taped him to a chair and tortured him. The allegations include Hobbs putting screws underneath his father’s fingernails.

Sheriff Tom Boatwright said when Hobbs left, the victim was able to free himself and call 911. He was taken to the Monroe County Hospital where he later died.

Investigators said it’s unclear what led Hobbs to assault and eventually kill his own father.

Hobbs is expected to be taken to the Monroe County Jail and be charged with murder.

The sheriff’s office said Hobbs’ bond will be set Wednesday.