Sheriff Franklin: Hagood Lived And Died In Fear

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LACEY’S SPRING, Ala. (WHNT) – A Valentine’s Day love story has apparently turned into homicide. A Morgan County woman, who should have been celebrating her wedding anniversary, was instead found dead in her home this morning. Sheriff’s investigators say her ex-husband is the primary suspect in her death.

The body of 46-year-old Stacey Hagood was found in the home she shared with her ex-husband, Rodney Hagood, on River Loop Road late this morning by her daughter. Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin declined to say how she died, but she says the death was homicide.

“This is a case of domestic violence, on-going domestic violence, has been throughout the years,” Sheriff Franklin told reporters Thursday morning.

Stacey Hagood was last seen alive at around 7 PM Wednesday night by her daughter, who discovered her mother’s body when she returned home just before 11 AM Thursday morning. It’s an address sheriff’s deputies are quite familiar with, they’ve been there many times. In fact, deputies were called to the home Tuesday night on another domestic violence call.

The Hagoods were married on Valentines Day a number of years ago, but had divorced. Rodney Hagood had moved back in with his wife, but their neighbors say there was always trouble. (jd atchley @ :41 – :47) jd atchley:

“They were always into it, you know. Good people, she was a great person, give you the shirt off her back. But Hagood, he was always into something. There was always cops over there, couldn’t ever tell what was going to go on from one day to the next. He’d be in jail then out of jail, and you’d know when he got back because they’d be argueing, and then he’d be on the loose out here asking for rides and wanting you to do something, borrow money. Other than that, they were real good people,” JD Atchley, who lives next door to the Hagoods told WHNT News 19.

Sheriff Franklin says Mrs. Hagood had filed for protection orders on a number of occasions, but never followed through, or failed to show up in court, apparently due to threats of additional violence. Franklin says Mrs. Hagood died as she had lived much of her live, in fear.

“I will tell you that from interviewing the family members, none of them were surprised that this happened. They were waiting for the day this would happen. That’s a terrible situation to live in. So my heart goes out to this family, and to the family of the suspect. It is just a terrible situation,” Sheriff Franklin said.

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