Shawn Childers still missing after 6 months

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Lauderdale County, Ala. - It’s been six months since Shawn Childers walked out of his Lauderdale County home and disappeared.

His roommate and investigators all say he hasn't been seen nor heard from since. His story is one we were following even before he vanished.

Al Whitaker first met Shawn Childers in front of the home he says his father left him. To make a long story short, the house had been sold for unpaid taxes. The new owner got some men, and sheriff's deputies, and before a judge could issue a stop order they had literally thrown his belongings into the ditch in front of the house.

Whitaker remembers Shawn walked him through the place to see the mess that the men had left behind. “I'm ashamed to bring you in here," said Childers.

Whitaker saw him again a few weeks later at a hearing to try to determine who actually owned the home. That hearing was continued, without a decision," And hopefully within a short time it will be better," said Childers.

Just a few weeks after that, on the night of September 17th, Shawn’s roommate, David Nix, says Shawn simply walked away, and vanished. "And he was dressed up, you know, in his dress clothes, had tears just rolling down his face, and he just grabbed me right here and hugged me, said I love you, said I don't know when I'll see you again, and stepped down right off the steps right here and started walking north right here into the dark," said Nix.

"We have used cadaver dogs around his home, they did not alert on anything around his home. We've tried tracking dogs, we've had our mounted posse out, as of yet there's no trace of Mr. Childers and we have, to be honest with you, we have no idea where he may have walked off to," said Brad Potts, Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Investigator.

But there are those who believe Childers didn't walk away at all, that something more sinister happened. And Nix seemed unfazed when Whitaker asked him. "Did you kill him?” asked Whitaker. "No, no, I sure didn't. Sure didn't. Sometimes he was hard to get along with but I didn't do nothing like that," said Nix. Nix continues to live in the house. He believes Childers is alive and living in some other part of the country.

Investigators say there has been no activity on his social security number and his bank account hasn't been touched since he disappeared. "Unfortunately, the longer it prolongs, the less likely we are, the less likely we think we are to finding him alive," said Potts. And so for now, Shawn Childers remains listed only as missing.

There is no evidence at all that would indicate Childers met with foul play, and investigators say he could turn up at any time. However, if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Shawn Childers, you are urged to contact the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.