Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Free Holiday Is This Weekend

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – While you may be marveling at how quickly it has warmed up since last week’s freeze, WHNT News 19 Meteorologist Brandon Chambers isn’t surprised.

“It’s typical for this time of year. If you go from really cold to pretty warm in a short period of time you can almost always guarantee it’s a storm system that’s going to impact us in some way,” said Brandon. “It may not always be severe weather, but a lot of times it is.”

Brandon says we are heading into one of the most volatile times of the year, the transition from Winter to Spring to Summer, otherwise known as tornado season.

“We like to really emphasize before March and April when our highest tornado months usually are, because it’s too late when the tornado threat is upon us. you don’t want to run out at the last-minute to get prepared for a tornado.”

Shelain Anders knows the importance of preparation all too well.

“I’ve been caught up in a couple of them and it’s kind of scary so I don’t want to be prepared ever again.”

Anders says her family already has food, water, and flashlights on standby.

But this weekend, they plan to take advantage of Alabama’s annual Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Free weekend.

‘We plan on this weekend hopefully getting a generator we’ve been talking about getting,” said Anders.

The tax-free holiday starts Friday, February 21st, at midnight and runs through Sunday, February 23rd.

Items like batteries, generators, flashlights, and tarps are exempt. You can find a full list of tax exempt items on the Alabama Department of Revenue’s website. 

Although the items will be exempt from state sales tax, some local sales tax may still apply.

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