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ALABAMA – Several laws will go into effect across Alabama on September 1.

On September 1, Alabama will become the 49th state to enact its own equal pay act.

This makes it illegal to pay some employees less than others because of race or gender and also makes changes to the types of pay records employers have to keep.

Public and private employers alike are affected by the law, with no exception for small businesses.

Mississippi is the only state without an equal pay law.

The Alabama Anti-Road Rage Act goes into effect September 1 as well.

Designed to keep slow drivers out of the left lane, the law says drivers can’t drive in the left lane of any highway for more than 1.5 miles without passing.

However, the law includes exceptions for left exits, bad weather, construction, and congestion.

The law will begin with a grace period. Officers will hand out warnings for the first 60 days instead of tickets.

Be sure to buckle up for this next law: Starting Sunday, everyone in the car has to wear a seat belt, including all passengers in the back seat.

Previously, only children riding in the backseat had to wear seatbelts.

Violating this law will be a secondary violation, meaning officers can issue a ticket if a car was stopped for another reason.

Fines will also be increasing for violating Alabama’s Move Over Law, which requires drivers to move over when they see any car with flashing lights stopped on the roadside.

First-time violations used to cost $25, but will now cost $100.