Several homes in Grant damaged by strong storms


GRANT, Ala. – Strong storms caused quite a bit of damage in different parts of Marshall County Monday night.

On Honeycomb Road in Grant, trees were ripped from their roots, torn apart, and scattered across yards, homes, and boathouses.

North Alabama Electric crews worked all day Tuesday to get power back on for the residents who have been without for several hours.

“It was less than three minutes. It was there, fast, fast, hard blowing rain and then it was gone. We heard crashing next door and the roof on the boathouse also got destroyed,” said Bert Bowden.

“Initially, it was just heavy rainfall and he said it went from all of a sudden in a split-second heavy rainfall to raining sideways,” said Mark Ebert.

Ebert spent a lot of time Tuesday helping his dad after a tree came crashing through his roof.

“He was sitting watching TV when this occurred and that’s where it did happen and it just came right through the ceiling over the TV where he was,” said Ebert.

He told WHNT News 19 his father minimalized the damage, so he was shocked to see how severe it was.

“The deeper we got down this road on Honeycomb, the more severe it seemed to be,” said Ebert.

Bert Bowden has lived on Honeycomb Road for more than 20 years.

He said the storm was like nothing he has ever experienced.

“We were here in the house and the wind started coming up. We went outside to see what was going on and it was the strongest wind I’ve ever had. I thought ‘My gosh is this a tornado or something like that,” said Bowden.

He and Ebert said this type of storm is unusual for the area.

“Usually it’s tucked away, you don’t get the storms. They’re more susceptible to winter damage, freezing and stuff like that so this was kind of the surprise to see all this,” explained Ebert.

WHNT News 19 has not gotten any reports of injuries.

North Alabama Electric said all residents had power by 5 p.m. Tuesday.

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