Series Of Burglaries In Five Points Concern Residents

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A series of burglaries in Five Points have residents concerned about the security of the otherwise safe Huntsville neighborhood.

One worried family reached out to WHNT News 19 about the seeming increase of crime on their street.

“You come home and you think, ‘has it happened again? Are things going to be missing?,” said Alina Wiley. “It’s terrifying and violating.”

A few months ago Alina Wiley and Nick Hall came home to find their house had been wiped out. About $6,000 worth of electronics, lawn equipment, and a car stereo had been stolen.

A couple of weeks later Hall’s car was broken into again. Then one night, they heard someone repeatedly ringing their doorbell and looking in their windows. The couple says they two people ran off when they went to answer the door.

Hall says the final straw was when two weeks ago she left for work after lunch. She saw a suspicious person hanging out around her house, so she circled back to find him in her backyard looking in their windows.

Despite the frequency of burglaries at their Five Points home, Huntsville Police say crime is down in the neighborhood 50% since 2011.

“In 2011, they had approximately 60 burglaries and they’re down to just over 30 from this past year,” said Sergeant Jack Pugh.

Pugh attributes the frequency on that street to crime being cyclical.

“Patterns develop from time to time depending on where you have people moving in to new houses, or houses that are rented. You may have a particular street where you have a lot of burglaries from people walking the streets, noticing where people live. We have several we have put in jail like that and several that we’re looking at.”

Pugh says many of the people they have arrested for burglaries are back out on the street after posting bail, but Huntsville Police are working to get repeat offenders back behind bars.

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