September historically is the month where we make the transition from summer’s heat to a hint of fall. The exception was 2019 where we didn’t see highs in the 70s until October 7. On average, we will see our first fall-like cold front around the middle of the month. This will knock our humidity way down. Temperatures can still be hot, but it won’t be as humid. The average high for the month is 86.5°. We start with the average at 90° with the end at 82° on September 30.

October and November we make a huge transition to cooler temperatures. We typically see frost around Halloween if not sooner. As hot as 2019 was, we still got down to 33° before the end of the month.

When Will It Cool Off?

Previous years don’t necessarily means this year or next year. At least we get an idea of when it cool off some. Here is a look at the previous five years on when we had the first day of 70 degree temperatures. As mentioned before, 2019 was a little late! We will see what 2022 has in store!

Tropical Storms

September is the peak of hurricane season. We typically have multiple name storms in the Atlantic Basin. This year has been a little quiet so far. Things can get active in a hurry and very well could in the coming days with multiple waves in the open Atlantic. The peak of hurricane season is September 10.

Bottom Line

Cooler air arrives shortly! Falling leaves and footballs will be in the air! Get ready to rake! Temperatures will drop soon! Fall officially begins September 22!