FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Local senior living centers and the Florence Parks and Recreation Department hosted a prom for senior citizens on Monday, April 10.

The event included decorations, food, and live music similar to a high school prom. Turner Thompson, a prom attendee, told News 19 that he loved dressing up and talking with friends.

“It’s great. It’s wonderful,” Thompson said. “Everybody’s so pretty and everything, including myself.”

Another attendee, Sheryl Hamilton, said that it was very fun to relive her high school years.

“I believe at prom you always going to do a little dancing and take some pictures, and so that’s all part of the fun part. I love it.”

The event was possible due to dozens of younger people who volunteered to participate as well. Ericka Guyton, Admission Director of the Columbia Cottage assisted living center, told News 19 that the community was very quick to support them.

“We have nursing students come into the cottage and do community work, and so they were so eager to jump on board.”

Guyton later said that they hope to make the senior citizen prom an annual event.