Senior living community training for Olympics of their own


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — In anticipation of the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, a Huntsville retirement community is getting in the spirit of the games by hosting skill events of their own. Fleming Farms senior residents will compete, from afar, against other senior facilities across the country.

“We may be old, but we are tough,” said Pat Lutz, a Fleming Farms resident training for the games. Lutz and her husband signed up to compete, Wednesday.

“We’ve gone through the rules of what we are going to do. There’s several things I’m not really attuned to…but we will get it worked out,” said Lutz.

Working out, especially after the last year or so, is a big reason why Tx:Team, a physical therapy group, is putting on an Olympic-themed game for senior residents.

“A lot of our residents have gotten a lot stronger since they came in. I know a lot of people were living very sedentary during the pandemic. So now, they’ve had a lot of increase in their endurance,” said Samantha Coveney, a Tx: Team fitness specialist.

Teams of seniors will compete in a series of five events that highlight aspects of strength, balance, hand-eye coordination and cognition. Strength will be measured by how many sit to stands a competitor can do in thirty seconds. Other events include golf putting and Simon says.

“After a short period of quarantine, we have been able to meet new friends and eat great food and be with wonderful staff,” said Lutz.

“At the point right now, I’m feeling like this is one big family,” said Diane Flemming, a Fleming Farms Resident.

Many of these athletes could not move to Fleming Farms until recently because of the pandemic. These Olympic games are the perfect icebreaker.

“Even though we are competing, I think it’s very important as a community to get together something like this along with the rest of the world,” said Lindsay Adams, director of lifestyles at Fleming Farms.

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