Senate budget proposal increases funding for NASA programs in north Alabama


Photo: NASA

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NASA will likely be getting a lot more funding next year and most of it will go toward programs run in Huntsville.

The money would come from the Senate’s version of the 2020 budget.

As of right now, NASA’s budget would be $22.75 billion, $1.25 billion more than 2019.

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, released the budget numbers yesterday.

They still need to be approved by the house and signed by President Donald Trump.

The bulk of the budget increase went toward space exploration programs.

Marshall Space Flight Center manages the Space Launch Systems program, which will get almost $2.6 billion next year – $1.2 billion more than 2019.

Other programs that were mentioned under the space exploration category include the Orion crewed capsule, the lunar lander program, and the planned Lunar Gateway – a mini-space station that will orbit the moon and serve as a base for astronauts and landing craft.

The budget bill, which totals nearly $71 billion, passed the Senate 84-9 and the Appropriations Committee unanimously.

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