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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said the closure of 31 driver license offices throughout the state will not impact people’s ability to get photo identification in order to vote.

All voters must show photo ID at the polls in order to obtain a ballot.

Merrill said people who need a photo ID can obtain one at the Board of Registrars office, located in each of Alabama’s 67 counties.  He said there is another option, too.

“If for some reason those citizens are not able to make it to the Board of Registrars, we’ll bring our mobile I.D. van and crew to that county.  By October 31 our office will have brought the mobile I.D. van to every county in Alabama at least once,” Merrill said. “One of the most fundamental rights we as Americans are afforded is our right to vote. As Alabama’s Secretary of State and Chief Elections Official, I will do everything within my power to ensure every Alabamian is able to exercise their right to vote.”

These photos ID are valid at the poll:

  • Valid Alabama Driver’s License
  • Valid Alabama Nondriver ID
  • Valid Alabama Photo Voter ID Card
  • Valid State Issued ID (Alabama or any other state)
  • Valid Federal issued ID
  • Valid US passport
  • Valid Employee ID from Federal Government, State of
    Alabama, County, Municipality, Board or other entity of
    this state
  • Valid student or employee ID from a public or private
    college or university in the State of Alabama (including
    postgraduate technical or professional schools)
  • Valid student or employee ID issued by a state institution
    of higher learning in any other state
  • Valid Military ID
  • Valid Tribal ID

If a voter possesses any of these forms of ID, he/she is not eligible to receive a free Alabama photo voter ID card.  Read more at