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MADISON, Ala. — Military veteran Frank Munoz can’t help but laugh after experiencing multiple scam attempts.

Right now, he is dealing with a group calling themselves ‘The Society’ that initially piqued his interest. “I really wanted to know more about it,” recalled Frank Munoz.

But the real secret was the one ‘The Society’ was hiding. Munoz decided he wasn’t interested in what they had to offer after being sent a free 20-page pamphlet that seemed suspicious.

The pamphlet had generic passages from ‘people’ who had found success through the ‘organization’ signed only with first names.

Munoz tried to explain that he wasn’t interested through fax since there was no other contact information included other than the mailing address.

Then a bill came with the promise of free membership if he bought a $240 book promising fortune — at a discount. “I didn’t want to pay $139 for a book I didn’t sign up for,” said Munoz. But the bills kept on coming.

This isn’t the first time Munoz was contacted by the scammers. Three years ago, he got the same letter under the name ‘The League.’ The logo and information — a perfect match.

Munoz contacted the Better Business Bureau in the Arizona city listed on the letters. “The Better Business Bureau didn’t know anything about it.”

Unfortunately, the scammers have not given up. “I still continue to receive these letters,” Munoz explained. “I feel like this is a harassment.”

Munoz hopes no one else falls victim to the scam. “I highly suggest to people to be skeptical about it, and research.”

If you would like to report a scam, call your BBB at 256-533-1640 or go to the BBB Scam Tracker. To find trustworthy businesses, visit