Second Redstone Gateway entrance under consideration

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT)– Redstone Gateway, just North of Gate 9, is already home to Boeing offices.

By the latest announcement, a 125 room Marriott Townplace Suites Hotel is on the way and DRS Technologies has already broken ground.

As it continues to grow, officials are concerned the entrance has not been designed to accommodate the amount of traffic it will be seeing.

“Each one of these large buildings brings in at the magnitude of maybe 3 or 400 to up to 1500 vehicles a day. You quickly see that this will exceed the capacity that this intersection was planned for,” said Garrison Commander Colonel Bill Marks.

He said this isn’t an immediate concern, but could build up over a period of years if no plan is in place to reduce the congestion there.

Right now, there is a feasibility study regarding creating a second entrance to Redstone Gateway as a possible solution.

It would likely be on the Western side of the park, said Architect Jim Ellis.

“It’s still under review and under consideration as a project, but a new entrance would likely have a connection to I-565 and/or Madison Boulevard,” he said.

When the park is more full, a few thousand additional cars would be traveling through Research Park Boulevard down toward the current entrance on Gate 9.  Colonel Marks says each new building would mean 400-1500 new employees as additional traffic to the Gateway.

“The idea is to stay ahead of any traffic problems,” Ellis said. “It just really depends on demand for the development to continue.”

“I think that has the potential to relieve some of the pressure,” echoed Marks.

Redstone officials believe a second entrance would greatly benefit those who work at the Gateway and don’t need to access the Arsenal daily, allowing them to avoid the heavy traffic at Gate 9.

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