Scottsboro drivers concerned about drivers blocking traffic while in drive thrus


SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – Some drivers in Scottsboro are concerned about the lines at fast food drive throughs.

They reported to WHNT News 19 that many times, other drivers are blocking traffic.

One big area of concern for viewers is the intersection of Lee Highway and County Park Road by Taco Bell.

One viewer said the when the drive-through line is crowded, many drivers’ vehicles are in oncoming traffic, blocking part of the travel lanes.

Scottsboro police Capt. Erik Dohring told WHNT News 19 they have gotten complaints about various areas in town.

He said while he understands COVID-19 has closed many fast food restaurant dining rooms, drivers should be cautious about blocking traffic.

“You really don’t want to stop in the moving lane of traffic. You’re risking causing an accident and you will be at fault. We would suggest that you pass by and either come back a little later or perhaps even go to different restaurant,” said Dohring.

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