Scammers Send Fake Emails Using BBB Name

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Scammers, impersonating the BBB, are sending phishing emails to consumers and businesses in North Alabama and throughout the nation. The emails look very much like notice of a complaint from BBB that claims companies are “violating the Fair Labor Standards Act,” the “Safety and Health Act”.

“These emails are fake!!! They are designed to get the recipient to click on a link, which may be used to download malware that can infect the recipient’s computer, steal passwords, or hack a company’s records.” The BBB is working with law enforcement as well as a private deactivation firm to shut down this scam.

Here is ONE example of email being received:

This email notification has been automatically sent to you because BBB has got a complaint, claiming that your company is violating the The Safety and Health Act.

You can download the text file with the explanation of compliant by following the link https://bitly (XXXXXX)
We also ask that you give a reply within 24 hours to us. This message should contain information about what you intend to do about it.

Important note:
When replying to us, keep the abuse ID “0192624050372:656” unchanged in the subject line.

If you receive an email like this, DO NOT click on any links and delete the email immediately!

For more tips on how to spot this and other phishing emails, check out Phishing Scam Claims to Be from BBB, Cites Federal “Violations”.

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