Sardis police search for couple after Marshall County Sheriff’s investigator’s home is burglarized


SARDIS, Ala. — The Sardis Police Department is investigating the burglary of a Marshall County Sheriff’s investigator’s home.

Chief William Alexander told News 19 that they are now looking for a couple who are persons of interest in the burglary that happened on Whitt Circle just after 9:30 Wednesday morning.

He said Whitt Circle is a quiet, safe neighborhood.

“Very nice houses on the street. No problems. The occasional alarm call. There’s only one way in and one way out,” said Alexander.

One renter told News 19 the low crime rate is what drew her to the area.

“My landlords, that was one of the first things they said whenever we were looking for a place to live,” said Whitt Circle resident Morgan Hembree. “I was like, ‘we hit the jackpot,’”

However, that secure feeling is gone now for many living in the neighborhood after the home of a Marshall County Sheriff’s investigator and his wife was broken into.

The deputy’s wife told police the suspect may be a woman who was knocking on doors trying to sell home security systems, and a man waiting in an electric blue four-door hatchback car outside.

“She said the lady was a bit pushy, kept coming up with reasons why she needed to come in the house,” explained Alexander.

The homeowner told police that she left shortly after seeing the woman at other nearby homes.

When she came back an hour later, she drove past the couple leaving the neighborhood.

“When got inside she realized that her house had been burglarized. All of her stuff was laying in the floor in different rooms, you could tell every room had been gone through,” added Alexander.

One firearm, various electronics and several pieces of jewelry were taken.

Police suspect the burglars got into the home through the garage door.

“This is a really good neighborhood and it scared me a little bit because I don’t lock my doors, but I’ll most definitely be doing that now including my car,” said Hembree.

Alexander told News 19 several homeowners have since ordered security cameras.

He said he thinks the suspects are not from Sardis because of the and added they could be from DeKalb or Marshall County and that they may have chosen this neighborhood at random.

“Places are not like they used to be, even small towns like ours. People tend to think it’s the same small safe community and it generally is for the most part, but what we usually have is people coming in from outside the community and that’s where our crimes come from,” explained Alexander.

He said there have been around 20 felonies committed in Sardis since September.

There is a city ordinance in Sardis against panhandling and door-to-door sales, so if that happens in someone’s neighborhood, give police a call at (256) 593-6492.

Alexander said it may help solve crimes in or around Sardis.

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