Sand Mountain Park & Amphitheater announces indoor aquatics center, fitness center opening


MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – The Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater announced the opening date for parts of its facilities. 

The fitness center and indoor aquatics facility will open November 17. The aquatics facility has a miniature splash pad, vortex pool, sport pool, and an eight-lane pool that will be open all year round.   

“Everyone is very excited, probably a little nervous as well. It’s been a long process and to finally have that date set and that goal that’s right ahead of us to open and get our members in here is really exciting,” said director of membership Connor McGowan. 

The opening of different parts of the park were pushed back by the coronavirus pandemic, which impacted construction. 

McGowan told News 19 they will follow all local and state guidelines to protect the folks from the spread of COVID-19. 

“We’ll follow all guidelines whether that be distancing and 50% capacity or whether that be a mask mandate. Whatever is needed, we will have set in place. Certainly, the cleanliness aspect and cleaning all of the machines and materials will be done on the hour if not earlier regardless of what regulations are still in place,” explained McGowan. 

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