Samuel Stewart Wins Tight Guntersville Council Race

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Monday night the Guntersville City Council certified last Tuesday’s runoff election and welcomed a new member.  Samuel Stewart was certified the winner of the District 1 race.

During the runoff on October 9th, the machine at the Guntersville Rec Center, which is the only polling location, showed Stewart tied with Charles Avery 62-62.    There were absentee ballots that gave Stewart a slight edge, but there were also 6 provisional ballots that could have tipped the race in either direction.

During the past week, the Marshall County Board of Registrars has worked to determine if those 6 people who cast provisional ballots were actually eligible to vote.  They determined that three were.   At Monday night’s council meeting those ballots were opened and the votes read aloud.   Two of the three went to Avery and one to Stewart.   However, that was not enough to defeat Stewart.   The final vote total was 67-65.   Stewart will take office at the next city council meeting.

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