Safety tips before trick-or-treating on Halloween night


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As kids get ready to venture out for trick-or-treating, police have tips for everybody out and about during the festivities.

If you’re handing out candy, Huntsville Police Lt. Michael Johnson said there are several ways to make sure the kids stay safe.

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  • Turn on every light possible
  • Make sure there's somebody else home with you
  • Don't invite children into your home; come out to the porch, come outside the house
  • Make sure if you do have a camera system that it is activated and you know how to operate it in the event there's any kind of incident that needs to be reviewed
  • Make sure the path to your porch is well lit, remove items children could possibly trip over
  • If you have room in your driveway, move cars off the street - this will help keep the roads less congested and ensure better visibility for pedestrians

For parents, police have some safety reminders.

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  • Don't drop your kids off and follow slowly behind them in your car; park somewhere and walk with them door-to-door
    • Johnson said, "It can create traffic issues for those commuting through the neighborhood trying to get to their home, and can also create a safety hazard for kids that may run across the street."
  • Keep your phones put away

For trick-or-treaters, police have several tips to stay safe.

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  • Get to houses before it gets too dark and late
  • Wear reflectors or reflective tape (you can even stick tape on your kid's candy bag)
  • Carry glowsticks or flashlights
  • Remind your kids about street safety
    • Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks
    • Watch for cars turning or backing up
    • Walk, not run across the street
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