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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — From donation drives to peaceful demonstrations, Alabamians across the Tennessee Valley are finding ways to help and support Ukrainian refugees.

The Salvation Army already has teams on the ground in Ukraine, Poland, and other surrounding countries helping those who need it. The organization is also collecting monetary donations to purchase items for refugees. These items include food, hygiene products, and other essentials.

So, when it comes to what people can do locally, Salvation Army Corps Officer captain Chris Bryant told News 19 that monetary donations make the biggest impact.

“It helps Ukraine in a couple of ways. One, it keeps their economy stimulated because what we’re doing, is we’re not buying the stuff here in America to send to them, they’re getting the money, the Salvation Army directly in Ukraine,” Bryant explained. “They are able to actually buy from whatever companies are still able to sell locally to stimulate their local economies and businesses.”

Along with the Salvation Army, there are also a handful of other national, and even international, charities collecting donations for Ukrainian refugees. Some of those organizations are UNICEF, Red Cross, and Voices of Children, but a more extensive list can be found here.

For anyone who chooses to donate to a charity or organization, the Better Business Bureau urges people to confirm the charity is legitimate before donating. Tips on how to determine if a charity is reputable can be found here.