Roy Moore declines sit-down interview, Jones delivers answers on the issues


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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Republican US Senate candidate Roy Moore has declined our request for a sit-down interview to ask questions about the issues. On the other side of the aisle, Doug Jones accepted our request.

Back in November WHNT News 19, in conjunction with our news partners at, tried to facilitate a debate between Senate candidates Roy Moore and Doug Jones. Jones accepted the debate invitation, and Moore declined.

WHNT offered an alternative, a separate sit down interview with both candidates, being asked the same exact questions. All of the questions were based  strictly on campaign issues. On November 20, at the request of Roy Moore's campaign, we sent the list of questions we intended to ask both candidates.

Jones accepted and did the exclusive sit down interview with WHNT. Tuesday evening, the Moore campaign declined our request to ask Moore the same questions we asked Jones.

Here's the list of questions:

  1. What do you see as the role of a U.S. Senator from Alabama?
  2. What is the biggest problem Alabamians face today and what can you do in Washington to fix that?
  3. What legislation would you introduce to help bolster the defense industry and space exploration, two fields crucial to north Alabama?
  4. You have a record of public service, and have been involved in high-profile battles, how does that record show what kind of Senator you would be? And, what about your opponent?
  5. Can people trust you? Why?
  6. What is your solution to the current healthcare confusion right now?
  7. Would a single-payer insurance system in healthcare work –why or why not?
  8. Should the Government be involved in creating a system where everyone has access to healthcare? If not….why?
  9. Does being closely aligned with a particular religious point of view help or hurt your ability to represent an entire state and work with Senate colleagues who hold different views?
  10. Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan were known for their ability to pick up the phone and work on a compromise. Do you have the skill set to compromise with Republicans and Democrats?
  11. Our country is incredibly polarized, especially when it comes to race relations. How do you propose we promote more unity?
  12. Alabama has an unfortunate reputation for not being an inclusive and progressive place, especially for minorities, people with religious beliefs other than Christianity, and the LGBTQ community. As an elected official, how would you work to change that perception?
  13. Very little legislation if any has moved through Congress during the Trump administration. What do you bring to Washington to work with both a partisan Congress and the Trump administration?
  14. Do you have any sort of personal or professional connection to Senator Luther Strange to make a seamless transition, if you are elected to office?
  15. You'd be one vote of 100 in the Senate, what would you do to make sure your voice is heard among other members?
  16. If you win this election, what is the first thing on your agenda when you go to work in the nation's capital?

Our goal was to air their answers side-by-side, allowing voters to make an informed choice at the polls. Jones sat down with WHNT News 19's Steve Johnson last Thursday.

"Healthcare is a right that I think everyone should enjoy. They should need to be able to have good, decent and affordable healthcare. No one should have to take their children to the emergency room for routine health care. No one should have to go into bankruptcy court to pay for healthcare," said Jones.

The Moore campaign turned down our invitation to answer the same questions, saying Tuesday night to WHNT, it will help Moore if Jones does the talking.

You can watch Jones full interview on WHNT News 19 Sunday Morning.

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