Rosalie Tornado Damage: Before, After, Above & Around


May 2014 (left), February 2017 (right)

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ROSALIE, Ala. – In the overnight hours of November 30, 2016, a tornado tore up the rural landscape of Jackson County near the Alabama-Georgia state line.

The twister left a nearly 14-mile path of destruction that started in Pisgah and ended in Ider and claiming three lives in its path.

The National Weather Service assessment team estimated winds peaked at 145 miles per hour.

From homes to houses of worship.  Hardwood trees to wood structures.  Chicken farms to strip malls.  Bricks, blocks and bolts. Nothing could foil the fierce and forceful storm.

Before and after images of the Rosalie Plaza Grocery Store tell a powerful story.

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Aerial images provide the context by showing the path of destruction in its wake.

And, a 360-view gives you a unique glimpse what happened on the ground. It allows you to understand proximity and how close it came. For instance, there’s heavy damage to the Rosalie Baptist Church on Highway 71 but just across the street structures remained unscathed.

[protected-iframe id=”1a9652a0178813e0ae67fe6348558e2d-29519529-31418998″ info=”” class=”ricoh-theta-spherical-image”]

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