Rocket City Wranglers offering rides for healthcare workers, first responders


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Due to icy roads and inclement weather, the Rocket City Wranglers are offering rides to and from work for first responders, healthcare workers, and medical personnel.

According to their Facebook page, the Rocket City Wranglers are a close-knit group of jeepers that are committed to responsible off-roading and community service.

The Alabama Department of Transportation and the Emergency Management Agency are warning of icy road conditions over the next few days as it poses hazardous risks for drivers. Even still, work is not cancelled for many, including first responders and healthcare workers.

Whether it’s braving icy roads or taking alternative routes, RCW put together an inclement weather response team. They are offering a driving service to help get first responders, healthcare workers, and medical personnel to and from work.

Jared Reeves, one of the founders of Rocket City Wranglers, says this is a way to help a group of people constantly helping others.

“Our nurses and doctors and first responders and everything… they put so much into the community,” said Reeves. “This is our way to say ‘thank you’ and kind of try to give back a little bit of something.”

He adds that the response to the service this year has been more overwhelming than in years past.

“I’ve been getting calls since the day before yesterday and I was up at 4:00am this morning getting calls and I’ve had hundreds of calls it seems like today,” he said.

Reeves says around 50 Jeeps are involved with the response team in the Rocket City, but they have sister organizations spread throughout North Alabama. At any one time, 12-24 Jeeps are on the road in the Huntsville area giving rides to those in need.

The one thing they ask for is patience.

“Just like any other vehicle on ice, it’s not the same,” said Reeves. “It’s still susceptible to sliding and slipping and everything else. We’re trying to help you out but sometimes we might have to go a little bit slower than normal.”

Jared Reeves says they are offering this service to healthcare workers and first responders for as long as the roads are hazardous.

If you are a first responder or healthcare worker and need assistance getting to and from your workplace, you can send an email to

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