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Some days, you get an assignment where you say to yourself “this is a really good gig.”

Participating in a Chef’s Table experience at the Rocket City Tavern was one of those days.

Rocket City Tavern‘s Chef’s Table puts you and your guests right in the kitchen. Literally, the table is right in front of the cooking surface.

Michael Northern is an artist. The plate is his canvas and he is a wizard in the kitchen.  Northern has a life in food and cooking.

In the Rocket City Tavern Chef’s Table experience, you can order off the menu or let Northern improvise and come up with something.

The day we went, he prepared caramel clay pot chicken with roasted yellow peppers, Korean BBQ pork tacos, grilled salmon with gazpacho salsa, Szechuan skirt steak with sautéed vegetables and for dessert (Oh my), strawberry blueberry cobbler ala mode.

It must be what the food is like when you get inside the pearly gates.

Watching the food being prepared and the description of the food is a truly unique experience.  You do need to contact the restaurant to make a reservation for the Chef’s Table.

Redstone Gateway, which houses Rocket City Tavern, is also unique.  It is home to two other eateries.  Dipwich and Fiero Mexican Grill. Dipwich specializes in sandwiches and Fiero Grill offers Mexican food that you would find in the really great restaurants on the west coast.  Redstone Gateway has a kitchen setup that allows them to produce food for all three restaurants.

Redstone Gateway is located at 2100 Rideout Road. Some people think the restaurants are on the Arsenal They are not. You turn at the visitor center and look for the signs. Basically, you turn right at the last light before Gate 9 and then hang a left at the stop sign.

It’s easy to get there and the food is worth the trip – especially the Chef’s table.  Prices vary for the Chef’s Table experience based on the menu – about $30 a person is a good starting point as you plan your event.