Rocket City Sling Swap helps Moms Save Money in Bonding with Babies

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - WHNT NEWS 19 found a way to help parents of newborns and/or toddlers save money while bonding with their precious children.

There's a local group that's all about making it easier and cheaper to move around with a baby or toddler.

Rocket City Sling Swap, started in January 2013, promotes wearing your baby with a sling or wrap, not just for convenience, but also for child development.

Members say there's a "fourth tri-mester", when the baby still wants to bond with Mommy.

Rocket City Sling Swap advocates all kinds of safe slings to facilitate that.  And such slings can be pricey, unless you contact this local group.

WHNT NEWS 19 caught up with the founder of the group and some members at A Nurturing Moment in Huntsville.

Kellie Coons demonstrated a sling that frees her up to get more done, while bonding with her seven-month old son, Noah.

"He's too heavy to hold all the time," said Coons.  "So I just wear him and it distributes the weight evenly and he's happy and i'm happy."

Margaret Harmon also uses a sling, but a different style than the one Coons uses.

"He hated the stroller when he was little because he was facing away from me and he couldn't see Mommy," Harmon recalled of the past.

She now enjoys the convenience and closeness from a different kind of sling for her three-year-old son, Clark.

"I can go and walk around, I can run errands and he'd be good to go," said Harmon.

Slings can range in price from $80 to $1,000 each, which is money many moms don't have.

Sarah Bailey understands the demands and the costs and started up a "Lending Library" for her group, Rocket City Sling Swap.

"I started the group on Facebook one afternoon," Bailey said.

Now, the group has more than 220 members who support an idea to help Moms who can't afford to waste money on something that isn't the right fit.

"I was able to try it on, realized i didn't like it as much and i didn't waste any money on it," said Coons.

Moms can check out a sling for as long as they need, buy or trade it or just turn it back in.

They have several different styles from home-made to brand-named.

"He just wants to be close to Mommy," said Harmon of her son.  "(The sling) comforts him and makes him feel good and more secure and then he feels more confident to do what he wants to do."

Meanwhile, on Facebook, members post deals on all things baby-related they run across while shopping to help everyone save money.

The "Lending Library" is about to grow a lot after this weekend's Baby and Kids Expo at the Westin at Bridge Street Town Centre.

Rocket City Sling Swap will have new slings donated to them for people to try out and borrow.

The expo, called "The Bake", is Saturday, September 21st from 10 am to 4 pm.  Admission is free, but they ask you to pre-register to guage supplies needed.

As of Monday morning, September 16th, more than 400 people had already registered.

Register by clicking HERE.

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