Road closure causes uproar near Eva


MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – A crumbling road is causing an uproar in the Eva area.

Forty-three people have signed a petition to their county commissioner, asking for Vincent Road to be repaired and reopened.

“We’ve had several issues with emergency vehicles, hospice workers, coming into the area,” said Brian Taylor, a lifelong Eva resident. “GPS bringing them in down Vincent Road. They start down Vincent Road and find out the road’s closed.”

WHNT put in an address Taylor provided and three times, two different GPS devices directed us to a dangerously eroded road.

Vincent Road has been closed for four years.

Contrary to what Taylor says about access, Morgan County Commissioner Don Stisher says EMS and emergency vehicles know exactly how to get in and out of homes impacted by the Vincent Road closure.

Stisher says Vincent Road has been difficult to manage his 28 years at the county.

“Four years ago we had a very hard winter and a lot of water was moving through the mountain and so we started monitoring the road and it started to crack in the middle, and slide off the deep portion of the mountain, which is about 70 feet deep straight off the edge of the road,” Stisher said.

The county has installed road closed and detour signs multiple times but they are constantly taken down and displayed in people’s yards, Stisher said.

Drivers in the area can safely get around the road by taking Eva Road to Lawrence Cove Road and then to Pine Burr Road.

To many in the area, the whole situation is frustrating.

“It has been very, very frustrating,” Brian Taylor said. “The trip from my house to my parents house, it adds about five minutes. The secondary roads that you have to take going that way need work.”

Several people WHNT met with for this story don’t understand why Vincent Road can’t be reduced to one lane with stop signs installed.

Commissioner Stisher says weight limit restrictions aren’t allowed in Morgan County and slimming the road to one lane would be too dangerous.

“I can’t target a road just because there are poultry houses down the road to prevent them from traveling the road,” Stisher said. “I would be targeting that industry.”

Stisher says the bottom line is that Vincent Road isn’t safe to be open and there is a safe, alternative route.

Vincent Road would have to be completely reconstructed for it to be realistically opened, Stisher said.

That would cost about $400,000.

District’s 3’s entire annual budget is about $1.5 million.

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