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MADISON, AL-  The new school year is just around the corner and as students prepare to head back to class, state legislators are prepping for a special session.

In that special session, the state budget deficit will be addressed, as lawmakers try to agree on budget cuts.

Bob Jones High School Senior Jordan Cozby has a stern message for legislators: stop cutting from the state education budget.

Most rising high school seniors probably spent the summer at the pool trying to not think about the upcoming school year. Cozby, however spent his time researching our state’s budget deficit and penning an editorial criticizing state lawmakers for what he calls disregard to public education in Alabama.

“Leaders in Montgomery aren’t prioritizing education…aren’t prioritizing students and teachers across the state who really need more support if we’re gonna give our students the best opportunity they possibly can,” said Cozby.

At 17, Cobzy has an impressive grasp on the importance of education.

“Without education we don’t have a strong economy, we can’t have strong job growth, without education we’re never going to have a strong future for the state,” said Cozby.

Cozby says he’s fortunate to attend Bob Jones High School, but thinks students around the state deserve the same opportunities kids in Madison City Schools have.

“We definitely make a local priority of education and that’s personally been very beneficial to me but across the state we have the vast majority of school systems who are not as well resourced and when the state funding’s been cut as much as it has, that really comes back to hurt the vast majority of students,” said Cozby.

Cozby says bottom line, education must be the top priority for all lawmakers, for Alabama to succeed.

“If we don’t stand up now and say we need to stand by education..we need to have our education funding protected..we’re gonna see further cuts and further issues,” said Cozby.

You can read Cozby’s editorial at here.