Rick & Bubba’s Rick Burgess speaks about his bisexual daughter


From AL.com

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BIRMINGHAM, Al. – Rick and Bubba’s Rick Burgess took to his radio show on Friday morning to discuss a sensitive subject – his bisexual daughter.

According to our news partner Al.com, Rick Burgess and his wife, Sherri, addressed the issue by focusing on a literal interpretation of scripture. He said he hopes his daughter finds her way back home to God.

“I told you before and I’ll say it again you’re my daughter and I will always love you. But, I love you enough to tell you the truth. I’m not going to come up with some version of love that really isn’t love at all, that pats you on the back to justify you all the way to hell,” Burgess said.

His daughter, Brandi, wrote about her bisexuality in an open letter to AL.com, saying she has “been used as an example of sin and cast in the role of the modern day prodigal daughter.”

Brandi says she wants to provide another side to her father’s weighty voice and give hope to LGBT children in evangelical households. She does not want to give the impression she is disparaging her father.