Week old food and improper fridge temps in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Health inspectors found some week old burgers in the cooler, no color strip in the dishwasher and some hot wings that weren’t cooling down properly.

Goodland Pour House on County Line Road was inspected on November 25th. The inspector said the beer hall’s cleaning fluid was zero parts per million. They also had lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese at 50º in the cooler, and chicken wings that were improperly cooling. The inspector said the problems were taken care of. Pour House scored a 79.

Local Taco on Bob Wallace was inspected on November 25th. The inspector says there was no temperature indicator in the dishwasher and chicken salad made three days prior was kept at 52º in the cooler. The inspector returned three days later and said the cooler was at 38º. Local Taco scored an 87.

The Hilton Garden Inn’s Great American Grill on Governors House Drive was inspected on November 27th. The inspector found week-old chopped tomatoes, noodles, mashed potatoes and hamburgers in the fridge. The inspector says the workers threw out the old food. Great American Grill scored an 88.


If you’re asking some of your co-workers, ‘where are we going for lunch today?’ The answer typically isn’t the gas station. But if you happen to be going by the Raceway on Highway 231 near Meridianville, there’s a couple inside who is worth your time to say ‘hello’ to.

“What we wanted to have was hot food fast and friendly,” Grandmama Dear Dears co-owner Veronica Rawls said. “Nobody leaves hungry, that’s our motto.”

For five years, Allen and Veronica Rawls have run their own BBQ lunch counter in the gas station.

“Nothing is fried. Everything is cooked outside on the grill,” Allen Rawls said.

The menu is short, but it won’t break the bank.

“We’re going to keep it affordable, if you’re going out for lunch. I wouldn’t want to spend more than $5 for lunch, myself,” Veronica said.

The eatery is named for Allen’s parents. The couple recently celebrated their seventh anniversary.

“I’ve had probably the most fun I’ve ever had in my life, at work with my husband,” Veronica said.

You’ll find their smoker running six days a week. In their last inspection, Grandmama Dear Dears scored a 95.

Grandmama Dear Dears is closed on Sundays.


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