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RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. – The majority of restaurant inspection scores across north Alabama are in the 80s and 90s, environmental managers say.

Restaurants rarely score lower than 70, officials say.

One local restaurant in News 19’s viewing area recently scored in the 60s.

“The owners are working hard,” said Summer Beard, a public health environmental supervisor. “They’ve already been up here. We’ve discussed the measures that they need to take. They are working very hard to correct the items and they are moving forward to correct those items.”

Some of the items that landed Tokyo Sushi with a score of 64 include:

“Cold holding violations, they also didn’t have an approved grease hauler,” Beard said. “In the state of Alabama you have to have an approved grease hauler. They also had back siphonage issues. They also had what we call dirty food contact equipment utensils.”

There were more violations than Beard mentioned, including cross contamination issues.

“It becomes a physical, a possible physical contamination to possibly food and utensils and the customers,” she said. “Our job is basically to protect the customers out in the community.”

The folks who run Tokyo Sushi in Russellville tell News 19 they’re doing everything they can to elevate their score into the 90s.

Tokyo Sushi will be reinspected within 60 days.

Eatery owners didn’t want to appear on camera for the story.

Multiple people told News 19 outside the Russellville restaurant that Tokyo Sushi is popular and one of two sushi options in the town of 9,800.

“This is the closest route for people on their break with jobs,” said Russellville resident Latoya Beecher. “You can call in and they have your food ready and quick. People who might not like Panda. Panda got a nice score but I like Tokyo better.”

The man who says he runs the restaurant with his business partner says his heart and passion are always in the work he does.

Tokyo Sushi has high reviews across the Internet.