Terranova’s has old dip, Moe’s need to chill out the chicken in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Terranova’s Italian Restaurant on Paramount Place was inspected on February 7th. The inspector found residue in the ice machine, a dirty can opener on the prep table, raw chicken and lasagna in the cooler around 50 ºF. There was also week-old dated spinach dip, and during the inspection, a worker was seen touching basil with bare hands and putting it into a blender to make red sauce. In a follow-up inspection, the problems were corrected. Terranova’s scored a 65.

Moe’s BBQ at Providence Main was inspected on January 28th. The inspector says none of the hand sinks reached 100 ºF. They also found residue in the ice chute, shredded cheese in a container at 51 ºF, and chicken wings left out on the prep table at 61 ºF. In a follow-up inspection, the problems were taken care of. Moe’s scored an 82.

Blue Plate Cafe on Governors Drive was inspected on January 27th. The inspector says there were loose wires on a fry basket. There was hot holding sausage at 112 ºF. There was also sausage in the cooler at 55 ºF, ham at 47 ºF, and bologna and beef at 50 ºF. A manager threw out the fry baskets and corrected the problems. Blue Plate scored an 84.

Lowe Mill in Huntsville is known as an artist’s playground. But if you’ve had a chance to stop in and have lunch at the place known as Happy Tummy, you could argue there’s an art to making a killer sandwich.

“Lowe Mill is great, because I’m constantly surrounded by artists and new ideas. It inspires me to try new things with the menu,” Happy Tummy owner Catherine Shearer said.

Shearer started Happy Tummy in 2008 as a food truck. The name was a compromise she made with a former partner.

“The original name that I had was a little wackier, but if you know me, you’re not surprised by that,” Shearer said.

Happy Tummy offers a long list of unique sandwiches, wraps, and rice bowls. Shearer gets creative with the recipes and picks the names.

“I came up with the apple mustard that’s on our Bad Apple sandwich. I came up with spicy strawberry cream cheese that’s on our Sassy Back sandwich,” Shearer said.

In their last inspection, Happy Tummy scored a 98.

Happy Tummy is closed Sundays and Mondays. They also offer a Thai cooking course coming up in March and April.

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