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Shrimp Basket on Highway 72 in Madison was inspected on January 24th. The inspector says there was residue in the ice chute, a mop bucket that was dumped in the grass outside and employees who were cleaning grease trays and mats outside. There was also coleslaw in the reach-in cooler at 48ºF. In a follow-up visit, the problems were corrected. Shrimp Basket scored a 75.

Texas Roadhouse on Beltline Road in Decatur was inspected on January 24th. The inspector says an employee placed a wiping rag in a food scoop dipper well and wiped down surfaces. Texas Roadhouse scored an 86.

Waffle House on 6th Avenue in Decatur was also inspected on January 24th. The inspector says the food thermometer didn’t work. The dishwasher sanitizer water temp was less than 160ºF. There was also ham and cheese in the cooler at 52 ºF. In a follow-up visit, the problems were taken care of. Waffle House scored an 87.

There’s never a bad time for a donut. And if you happen to be in New Hope, there’s a married couple with their own shop who are in a league of their own when it comes to baking tasty breakfast treats.

“I knew it wasn’t anything we had in the area, so I figured it’d be a good fit for us,” Half Pint’s Donut Shop owner Heather League said.

Keeping her old nickname from high school, Heather League and her husband Dwight opened Half Pint’s Donut Shop nearly two years ago along highway 431.

“We do a lot of breakfast biscuits and kolaches. Not a lot of people do kolaches around here. Ours are all made by hand,” League said.

The polish meat and cheese creations are a popular item as are the donuts, with around a dozen off-the-wall flavors.

“Sometimes, it’s just a happy accident and other times, it sounds good. And my baker is amazing, we can throw anything at him and he’ll say, ‘Yeah, I can do that’,” League said. In their last inspection, Half Pint’s scored a 97.

Half Pint’s also gives its leftover donuts to Grace and Gratitude Food Pantry and Clothes Closet.