Rusty knives, raw chicken in the fridge in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Health inspectors found a few rusty knives, some raw chicken in the fridge, and a sports bar that needs to turn up its fryer and turn down its cooler.

Fiero Mexican Grill on Rideout Road was inspected on December 20. The inspector found chorizo on the prep table at 52º and pico mix at 51º. There was also an unlabeled chemical spray bottle, dirty plates in storage, a rusty knife, and grilled chicken on the steam table at 117º. The inspector says the workers took care of the problems that day. Fiero scored a 75.

It was a similar story next door at Dipwich Sandwiches, inspected the same day. The inspector found an unlabeled chemical spray bottle, raw chicken in the cooler at 48º, dirty plates and a rusty knife. The inspector says workers took care of the problems during the visit. Dipwich scored an 80.

Baumhower’s Victory Grille on Memorial Parkway was inspected on December 4th. The inspector said the reach-in cooler temp was just over 45º. The hot water in the hand sink only heated up to 93º and while cooking wings, the inspector said the chicken temperature was too low. In a follow-up visit five days later, Baumhower’s took care of the hot water and heated the chicken above 200º, but hadn’t lowered the temp in the cooler. Baumhower’s scored an 85.


If you’ve cruised through downtown Huntsville, you’ve likely caught a glimpse of this corner eatery. Melt is known for many things, among them, a glorified grilled cheese sandwich. And managers say that’s exactly what they’re going for.

“We are upscale comfort food, the sandwiches, anything you can melt cheese on, we’ve got it,” Melt manager Jennifer Hurt

Melt was started in Birmingham in 2011, and came to Huntsville in July, building a restaurant on the ground floor at Holmes and Jefferson.

“They love our food, they love our wine list, they love that they can bring their dogs,” Hurt said.

Melt offers several appetizers, 12 different sandwiches, a bar, a large patio and party games.

“To spend time with each other. They’re off their phones, interacting, laughing, having a good time,” Hurt said.

After six months, Hurt says this downtown sitdown sandwich bar is getting a warm reception. In their last inspection, Melt scored a 94.

The owners of Melt say they’re opening their third restaurant soon in hoover.

The Huntsville Melt on Jefferson Street is open every day of the week.

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