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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- A Huntsville burger bar’s kitchen needs a good cleaning, and an Asian restaurant is warned they could be suspended if they don’t clean up their act.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar on south Memorial Parkway was inspected on February 4th. The inspector found a dirty can opener blade, a dirty ice machine, and week-old chili and queso in the walk-in cooler. They also found tomatoes in the cooler at 48 ºF, coleslaw at 52 ºF, cut melons and cheese at 50 ºF, and ranch sitting on the counter at 60 ºF. In a follow-up visit, the problems were corrected. Bad Daddy’s scored a 79.

Rice Box on Waddell Drive in Huntsville was inspected on February 11th. The inspector found grease running off the dumpster pad behind the restaurant. They also found shelled eggs in the cooler at 51 ºF and chicken at 46 ºF. In a follow-up visit, they found grease once again and Rice Box received a notice of intent to suspend. Rice Box scored an 81.

BJ’s Brewhouse at Bridge Street was inspected on February 3rd. The inspector says a hand sink in the kitchen prep area was missing soap and paper towels. There were also dirty plates in storage. During the inspection, management replaced the paper towels and re-washed the plates. BJ’s Brewhouse scored an 83

With Highway 231 at Lacey’s Spring shut down, that’s turning roads like highway 67 into the road more traveled. But if you love good pizza, that’s not such a bad thing, because that route takes you through Somerville, and right past an authentic pizza place.

“When I was a little baby, we had a bakery at home. We did the dough and helped my mother,” Pizza Roma owner Mike Shallal said.

Shallal was born to a family of 11 in Iraq, but he moved to Michigan around 40 years ago to open a restaurant. He then moved with his wife to Alabama and opened Pizza Roma about three years ago.

“We do our own dough. And I think my sauce is the best sauce I ever tested anywhere. We make that, too,” Shallal said.

In their last inspection, Pizza Roma scored a 94.

Pizza Roma is open every day of the week. You can find them along Highway 67 and West Street in Somerville.