Restaurant Doesn’t Score Well for Fourth Time Since October 2012

Restaurant Ratings
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Didn’t Cut the Mustard: May 22, 2014

Southern Fixin at 9565 Hwy 53 in Ardmore: Score of 72
• The interior of ice bin is dirty.
• Cold holding: Cold buffet foods such as fruit salad 47F and beets 47F and cold food in walk-in-cooler such as pototo salad 48F and pork 47F did not meet temperature requirements. Overnight food in walk-in-cooler is discharged or thrown away into dumpster.
• Employee's drink bottle is on serving counter next to the utensils.

Greek Gyro Express at 5901 University Drive in Huntsville - Madison Square Mall Food Court: Score of 78
• Insects in the establishment.
• Fountain drink nozzles were not clean.
• Food manager safety certification, proof of attendance at an approved course or proof of registration was not provided.

Drake's at 4800 Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville cleans up. Health inspectors gave the popular sports bar a 79 four weeks ago. But the management and staff turn things around getting a 97 in their latest inspection!

Golden Spoon:
Subway #4047 at 4800 Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville: Score of 100