No time stamps on food, no handwashing in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- Hot water that wasn't hot enough, some missing dates on the produce and a worker who skipped the hand washing.

Those were some of the issues health inspectors found in this week's Restaurant Ratings.

Dairy Queen at 7584 US-72 West in Madison was written up for improper temps on the hot dog warmer and the reach in cooler for lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. The diner was also cited for residue in the ice chute and soda nozzles, as well as wash sink hot water only reaching 96 degrees. Four days later, the inspector said the problems were corrected.

Dairy Queen scored a 75.

Hardee's at 3751 AL-53 north of Huntsville was written up for missing time stamps for lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. The burger toppings were also kept in the mid to upper 50s. Four days later, the inspector said the restaurant provided the time stamps.

Hardee's scored an 82.

I Love Korea at 404 Jordan Lane NW was found to have cooked beef, chicken, and pork on the prep table at 109 degrees.
An inspector also said a worker was handling sushi with bare hands and raw squid, without washing hands in between tasks. Four days later, the restaurant's meat was cooked to proper temps and the employee washed hands and wore gloves for handling food.

I Love Korea scored an 83.


Chocolate Gallery is a lunch spot off south Memorial Parkway that's easy to miss. But true to its name, the Chocolate Gallery at 8415 Whitesburg Drive has plenty of sweets to pick from.

"My mom bought the Chocolate Gallery about 14 years ago," owner Chris Belcher said.

Belcher then took over for mom, opening the Cozy Bean Cafe and Kathleen's Catering.

"Four generations have worked here. My daughter started working with us a few months ago," Belcher said.

The diner boasts a large selection of chocolates, desserts and a lunch menu.

"I have multiple people every week who come in and say, 'I never knew this place was here'," Belcher said.

In their recent inspection, Cozy Bean Cafe scored a 98.

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