No current temperature logs, food held at unsafe temps in Limestone County

Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings

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Limestone County

Express 99

18020 Hwy 99 in Athens


  • Unclean drink nozzles
  • Display unit, cheese, nacho cheese, and burgers found to be 52°F

Score of 82


Raceway #6712 (Lal Maharaja Inc)

1523 Hwy 72 East in Athens: Score of 88


  • Chemical bottles not labeled.
  • Food at unsafe temperatures
    • Chorizo, potato, & egg bowl – 110°F
    • Chorizo, egg, & cheese burritos – 106-116°F
    • fried chicken – 106-125°F
    • nacho cheese – 94°F
  • Last time/temp log available dated 01/02/18

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