Improper temps in the meat cooler, and the dishes need a better scrubbing in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings

A steakhouse needs to put the meat back in the fridge, and two Bridge Street eateries need to run the dishwasher a second time.

Those were some of the issues written up in this week’s restaurant ratings.

Logan’s Roadhouse on Madison Boulevard was inspected on December 4th. The bar and grill was written up for having steak and pork near 50º in the cooler and ribs on the prep table at 84º.

The inspector says the restaurant was missing a temperature strip indicator.

In a follow-up visit, the problems were corrected.

Logan’s scored an 80.

Bar Louie at Bridge Street was inspected on December 5th. The restaurant had bowls, cups, and pans in storage with food residue. There was also a cracked bin and tuna in the cooler at 60º.

Workers rewashed the dishes, threw out the bin and adjusted the cooler to 33º.

Bar Louie scored an 84.

BJ’s Brewhouse at Bridge Street was inspected on December 6th. The eatery also had plates and containers with food residue on them.

There was also chicken and pepperoni in the cooler near 50º and mozzarella cheese at 60 degrees on the prep table.

In a follow-up visit, the problems were corrected.

BJ’s scored an 80.

There’s a new wine bar in Jones Valley, which as the name would imply is starting to take off. Flight Plan was started by Jim and Belinda Taylor, who’d never owned a bar before, but they know good wine.

“Jim just had the epiphany, we’re a flying kind of town here in Huntsville. So the two seemed to go together perfectly,” Belinda said.

A wine flight includes four different wines from all over the world. The Taylors opened Flight Plan on Carl T Jones just before Thanksgiving. The bar includes a lunch menu, Jim is in charge of the kitchen.

“We’re fast becoming famous for fried deviled eggs,” Belinda said.

In their last inspection, Flight Plan scored a 97. Flight Plan is open every day but Monday and they do take reservations.

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