Improper holding temperatures and broken equipment found in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings
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Madison County

The Brickhouse Sports Cafe

7 Town Center Dr. NW, Huntsville, AL 35806

Score: 78


  • The inspector found the following at improper holding temperatures:
    • Tomatoes at 47F
    • Lettuce at 48F
    • Shredded cheese at 50F
  • Residue found in ice chute.
  • Hand sink in disrepair.
  • Conveying sewage found on ground at grease bin.

All violations were corrected by the follow-up.


Madison County

Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill

8044 Hwy 72 W, Madison, AL 35757

Score: 84

  • Missing paper towels at both front and back hand sink.
  • Missing soap at back hand sink.
  • The water temperature in the men’s and women’s restroom wasn’t hot enough.
  • Residue found in ice chute.
  • Shrimp in the display warmer was help at an improper temperature.

All violations were corrected by the follow-up.


Clean Plate Recommendation

Madison County

Snack Shack

931 Andrew Jackson Way, Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Score: 100

The Trash Panda’s aren’t quite in the area yet — but you don’t have to wait to get a delicious ballpark hot dog!

Open since March, the Snack Shack in Five Points is the perfect place to grab a quick bite and be on your way!

It may be little inside — but they’re cranking out some good eats. There are all kinds of toppings for their hot dogs like the standards chili, cheese and kraut. Or you make it interesting with pimento cheese and jalapenos. You can even order a taco dog with taco meat, onions, cheese, salsa verde and jalapenos.

Looking for some crunch? Their Frito Pie is piled high with chili and they have an array of chips.

Their orange slushie is a good break from the heat, or try out their pickle slushie for a briny twist. Customers we spoke with say they’re glad to have the business in Five Points.