Huntsville bakery receives suspension warning in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A bakery was warned they may be suspended after a health inspector says they weren’t properly handling raw meat.

Dolce Pan Bakery on Governors Drive was written up for having raw chicken sitting on the prep table at 72º. The eatery was also flagged for having two-day-old cooked chicken and pork by the fryer around 50º.

Five days later, the inspector says the bakery didn’t correct the problem and they were warned they could be suspended.

In that follow up visit, the inspector found the restaurant had pork sitting out at 68º, custard at 45º and beef sitting out while making empanadas at 59º. The inspector also found a bag of onions and peppers along with chemicals in the hand sink. In the walk-in cooler, the inspector found two-week-old cooked corned beef and shrimp, nearly two-week-old pork and beef and rice.

Dolce pan scored a 79.

Krystal on 6th Avenue in Decatur was inspected on November 18. The inspector says the restaurant had cooked burgers at 98º and corn dogs at 85º. The inspector returned three days later.

Krystal scored an 83.

Popeyes on Beltline in Decatur was inspected on Friday, November 22. The inspector said the staff wasn’t using quaternary sanitizer while washing pots and pans.

Popeyes scored an 86.


If you’re looking for a decent cheat meal and you’re not in a big hurry, you can take a drive down highway 67 to Somerville. Keep your eye out for the wooden front porch. That’s where you’ll find Nettie Bell’s Soul Food.

“If you’re looking for low-calorie food, nonfat food, this is not the place for you,” owner Lynette Burton Brown said.

Using her grandfather’s nickname for her, Lynette Burton Brown reopened the old BBQ diner in Somerville three years ago.

“They love our cornbread, Mama doesn’t use any cornbread mix at all. But our signature dish is our smoked chicken,” Lynette said.

Smoked chicken, smoked turkey and plenty of southern side dishes. Lynette now puts her family to work in the kitchen, handling several large catering orders.

In their last inspection, Nettie Bell’s scored a 95.

For the winter, Nettie Bell’s is open Wednesday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. But you may need to keep a sharp eye, Lynette says they lost their sign when it blew away.

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